How to Survive a Pandemic in Germany by Mikaela Franco

When I wrote my introductory blog post I had no idea how deeply the coronavirus would impact my time abroad. Despite the recommendations from the College, I decided to accept the risk and board the plane for Stuttgart—I received the email in the airport literally minutes before boarding began, so it was really a spur-of-the-moment decision. And although there have certainly been some disappointments and … Continue reading How to Survive a Pandemic in Germany by Mikaela Franco

The Escape Plan by Maddy Moody

It seems that once I fully adapted to my new life in Spain, I had to come back home because of the coronavirus. The coronavirus rapidly spread through Spain. I don’t think anyone realized how devastating things were about to become. Only two days after CEA study abroad program in Seville was canceled, president Trump announced travel restrictions for students coming back from Europe. My … Continue reading The Escape Plan by Maddy Moody

Alumni Spotlight: Holly Oppel ’14

As a junior during my time at The College, I studied abroad in Cape Town, South Africa for my Spring semester through an Affiliate program provider, Interstudy (now CIEE). I took classes at the University of Cape Town and lived with other students on my program from various U.S. institutions in shared apartments just off-campus. My program included a handful of local excursions to allow … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Holly Oppel ’14

Alumni Spotlight: Audrey Owensby ’18

Studying abroad has been very influential in my post-grad life. It inspired me to do a gap year of travel which was amazing and helped me grow as a person. Then, I was hired as an iCharleston Site Director in Rome, a job where previous study abroad experience is a requirement. It is extremely important that you have experienced studying and living in another country … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Audrey Owensby ’18

Alumni Spotlight: Annika Liger ’17

During my sophomore year I studied abroad at Queen’s University Belfast in Northern Ireland through an exchange program. Many of my courses at Queen’s dealt with Irish history and culture, and I spent a fair amount of time traveling around Belfast and the surrounding region for class and for fun. This, along with a very fascinating unit on 20th century Irish women in one of … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Annika Liger ’17

Alumni Spotlight: Jess Mercier ’16

While a junior at the College of Charleston I studied abroad with Semester at Sea, a multi-destination program that’s comparative nature was perfect for my studies in Sociology and Political Science. Having been abroad just once before this, I could never have imagined how immersing myself in so many cultures would change my perspectives both academically and personally. While traveling through Asia and Africa, I … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Jess Mercier ’16

Alumni Spotlight: Candace Rohr ’19

My study abroad experience at Kansai Gaidai University had a huge influence on my professional life. I came to College of Charleston with the goal of becoming an ESL/EFL teacher in Japan. College of Charleston’s amazing Japanese studies program and study abroad opportunities were very attractive to me. Before studying abroad on CofC’s program with Kansai Gaidai University, I took 3-4 semesters of Japanese to prepare. … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Candace Rohr ’19